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Antwerp's newest caviar hotspot created by chef Johan Segers!

In the historic town centre of Antwerp, right across the street from the famous restaurant "Het Fornuis", you can now enjoy the world's best caviar in a cosy atmosphere: pure caviar, warm and cold plates with caviar and of course pairing options with the finest (ultra-) premium vodkas.

At the former restaurant spot "De Koraal" (located in the historic building of Antwerp's oldest fisherman's bar), we created a picturesque caviar dining experience for up to 16 people. Don't have time to stick around? No worries: you can also pass by for a drink or to take out caviar dishes for an exclusive home party.

At Sevruga, we select and serve only the finest 'pearls of the sea': Sevruga, Beluga, Oscietra, Transmontanus and many other caviar varieties. Not that big of a caviar fanatic? We might still be able to seduce you with our small crab dishes... People familiar with "Het Fornuis" will know what that implies...

Caviar eat-in or take-out

Caviar varieties available in our restaurant & shop.

The Beluga Royal, traditionally the largest of all Caspian pearls. The rare delicate light grey berries of the Beluga, offer an elegantly buttery flavor with a mild nutty touch. The Beluga is salted the traditional way (IRANIAN MALOSSOL: mild salting) by Iranian Caviar Masters. Its quality is the most rare and expensive, defined by the large roe and fine skin. The egg color varies from light grey to nearly black. The experience of tasting the unique flavor of Beluga caviar, exalting your sight with extraordinary large pearls, is among the most exclusive and delicious gastronomic refinements.

Connoisseurs this delicious selection “Connoisseurs” Caviar satisfies even the choosiest refined palates and it is most appreciated by the best connoisseurs in the world. It originates from the Siberian Sturgeon. A distinguished crispy, nutty flavor combined with a long subtle after taste, is what characterizes this Caviar. Its medium-sized, dark grey to black shiny pearls, are glossy in appearance. This caviar has ripened with character, resulting in its full flavor. The “Connoisseurs” Caviar is salted Mild Malossol.

Imperial, the “Imperial” caviar is known for its delicate fresh flavor, special crisp and nutty aftertaste, thanks to its perfectly balanced ripening (young ripening). It originates from the Siberian Sturgeon. The eggs are characterized by its splendid pearly shades. The “Imperial” Caviar is salted Mild Malossol.

Oscietra, Dark pewter-grey roes featuring a complex and rich taste. Sizeable grains with a subtle taste of sea urchin and nuts, which is mildly salted and smoothly rolls over the tongue. Considered to be one of the more notable caviars… A typical Russian MALOSSOL caviar. .

Heritage, grab the opportunity to taste this unique and fresh Caviar. Salted the traditional way, Russian Malossol (mild salting). This Caviar is packaged immediately after the mild salting process, which keeps both the taste and the nourishing property intact. Enjoy a unique creamy, buttery, and ‘nutty’ flavor. With a subtle and nuanced after taste …a unique experience and a true pleasure. Ultra fresh caviar (very young ripening)

Sevruga, Sevruga is the smallest of all previously mentioned sturgeons. The eggs are gray and have a small and fine grain. Sevruga has the strongest flavour of all sturgeon eggs. Among connoisseurs they are the most highly appreciated for their unique taste. Back in the days of wild sturgeon caviar, Sevruga Caviar was moderate in price, mainly because Sevruga sturgeon were to be found in greater numbers. Since the ban of wild sturgeon caviar, Sevruga caviar is more rare as it is an extremely difficult species to farm (due to its striking pointing snout).

Order caviar & enjoy at home

Of course we enjoy your company at our restaurant, but rest assured: you can also order caviar take-out!

Every day, starting at noon, we gladly welcome you to our restaurant and/or shop. Ordering caviar for take-out is as easy as sending us an e-mail with your preferences and wishes. We will advise you and your caviar will be ready and waiting for you in time...

Here you can find our menu.

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We are open from monday (start 12 noon) till sunday (start 03.00 PM) & closed on wednesday.

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